Pet Shower Massage Brush


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✔️ The special non-slip handle design allows you to comfortably hold while bathing your pet. Squeeze it gently, the shampoo will come out easily, which is very convenient and save more pet shampoo.

✔️ Our pet massage brush is made of soft silicone bristles, which will not harm your pet, but will clean her equally effectively
Great interaction for you and your pet to massage the skin, remove dust, loose and depilate.

✔️The pet brush adopts shampoo distribution design, which not only provides quick and thorough cleaning for your pet, but also massages the skin to promote blood circulation, so that your pet can enjoy a very comfortable bath.

✔️ Just open the lid on the top and you can clean the brush easily and quickly after bathing your pet.

✔️ Suitable for pets and cats of various body types and short-haired types, as well as personal care. The shampoo dispenser is suitable for all kinds of liquids, especially special care shampoos. This product will help to play the effect of care shampoos.

✔️ Instructions for bathing:
Rinse the pet’s mouth first.
Open the lid of the pet brush and pour shampoo.
Starting from the neck, push back to the torso and legs.
Brush in the direction you want your hair to grow (this can prevent ingrown hair and irritation).
Rinse, then repeat.

✔️ Notes:
Please make sure that the switch of the shower brush has been tightened to prevent the shampoo from leaking during use.
Avoid getting water into the pet’s ears.
Pets ears are very sensitive and irritating-some veterinarians even recommend gently putting a cotton ball in the ear before bathing.
If your dog is going to perform a terrible “wet dog shake”, just grab the base of his neck and he will most likely stop before the start

✔️ Size: 8.8x8x5.7cm
✔️ Material: Silicone
✔️ Color: Blue, Pink
✔️ Package content: 1x Pet bath brush
(Only the above package contents, not including other products).

Light shooting and different monitors may cause the color of the objects in the picture to be slightly different from the actual object. The allowable measurement error is +/- 1-3cm.

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